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We Live Here

To get back to Blue Planet Almanac’s home page, CLICK HERE. To contact Blue Planet Almanac about authentic news stories, please e-mail us at admin – Replace the (-) with the @ symbol when you actually send the e-mail.

Blue Planet Almanac’s news site is news site is humming away while new books on consciousness & sustainability are readied. Oh, by the way, we’re developing a media foundation and annual conference. Blue Planet Almanac was all-positive Healthy’s 1st comprehensive reporting and show on sustainability. HRN7 talk radio is syndicated/simulcast 24/7 over 55 distribution channels including Internet, WiFi, PDAs, Smartphones, mobile, podcasts, iTunes, downloadable MP3s, RSS feeds, archives and private radio networks. Averaging 3 million listeners monthly, is a member station of the National Association of Broadcasters, and carried as one of only 64 talk radio stations in Microsoft® Windows Media® News + Talk and Windows Media Player® Radio Tuner, available on every Internet Explorer on Earth. Healthy Life’s all-positive programs span a variety of news/talk genres and are hosted by recognized experts in TV, film and radio. HRN7 talk radio listeners hail from 108 countries. About 83% hear their favorite programs in 1,240 cities through all 50 U.S. states.

Blue Planet Almanac talk radio and the hors d’oeuvres of Thursday’s News@7 Environmental Super-Segment both aired on the talk radio network, and are currently archived. As of January 2013, we’re now in discussions to bring the shows back from hiatus. Blue Planet Almanac talk radio aired from January 2009 through March 2011, and offered thoughtful perspectives on conscious, green living on our favorite planet. It featured fascinating interviews, news and product reviews. Lifestyles of health and sustainability are encouraged on Blue Planet Almanac – including science and policy of importance to Earthlings. At this Blue Planet Almanac news site are contained links to stories, news and reviews from the radio hour, where listeners and Web surfers can reflect and act. Blue Planet Almanac provides Good Choices for Earthlings.™


  1. Dear Mike Austin,

    I love your show. You address such positive and thought provoking subjects.


    Patricia Fuqua


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